The Next Big Thing: ‘Draking’ aka Putting Drake’s Face On Handicap Signs

EliteDaily: Drake will always be known to the world as Wheelchair Jimmy. It doesn’t matter how many quotable, tweetable lines he comes up with on his next album, Views From The 6, we’ll always remember how much of a tool Drake was on “Degrassi.” Sure, the show pretty much made him who he is, but I’m not sure if being stuck in a wheelchair is what you want to be known for among fellow rappers. In honor of Drake’s reputation as Wheelchair Jimmy, a journalist named Lauren O’Neil and her boyfriend have been running around Toronto pasting Drake’s head on wheelchair accessible symbols.


First was planking, then Faith Hill-ing, followed by twerking. But we have since moved on. All previous trends seem just pedestrian and amateur now. It’s all about the Draking. This is what I call putting your creativity to good use. Simple, but clever. Immature, but sophisticated. I’ll admit that this is ever better than when people write “Hammertime” on stop signs. That gets me everytime, admittedly in heavily biased manner, but this is a step above. So I guess this chick walks around with little Drake-face stickers in her pocket all day? Vintage Canada, man, for real. (Totally wish I would have thought of this first, and I definitely would carry Drake faces with me everywhere I went.)

I have never seen an episode of Degrassi in my life, and I don’t even know what Degrassi means, but did it really set the platform for Drake’s career? Couldn’t have been that good of a show, I don’t think I know anyone who’s watched it. But picturing Drake playing a role in a wheelchair is laugh out loud hilarious. Not that I’d ever wish for anyone to be in a wheelchair because that seems inconvenient on so many levels, but the image is comical. Imagine the Anaconda video with Nikki shaking her ass all up on Drake’s junk while he sits in a wheelchair? Laughs.

I’m bringing this to America, I’m calling dibs.



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