Double Dare College Edition Potentially Sweeping The Nation Soon

CinemaBlend: TV’s Marc Summers has had a long and varied career as the host of TV programs and game shows. Some of these shows (Unwrapped) have been more successful than others (Pick Your Brain), but I think we can all agree the man is most famous for Double Dare. The famous Nickelodeon game show ran from the late eighties into the early nineties before being aired in reruns for another decade, and Summers recently spoke out to say he would love to do another version of Double Dare. Summers has a lot of ideas related to the Double Dare concept. In an interview this week with Huffington Post, Summers spoke out to say he’d love to do a college version of the series.
“I think it would be fun to do it for colleges… think about it. The people who grew up on our show are now in their thirties and forties and they have kids. So, you could do second generation.”

Summers has been excited about reviving Double Dare over the years. The man occasionally still does Double Dare related events, including hosting a booze-themed reaction each year in Philadelphia, where Double Dare was originally shot. This year, he also hosted “Nerdy Double Dare” at the Tampa Bay Comic Con. Clearly, he still is capable and enjoys doing versions of the show, and clearly the man believes parents who used to watch the show would now get a new generation of kids into the series. Regardless, it does seem as if there may be some logistical problems. Summers and Nickelodeon are currently not on speaking terms and, at one point in the interview, Summers even mentions that he and the network “don’t necessarily see eye to eye” about bringing back Double Dare. Still, it seems as if the doors are open on his end. “I’ve been trying to make nice to those people, but they refuse to talk to me. I think they think I’m way too old to do it. I still have the energy and I think I could. So I’m putting a call out to the folks at Nick: return the phone calls, have a discussion.”

Somebody bring me Marc Summers so I can shake his hand and kiss him on the mouth. Marc Summers is basically an American hero in my eyes. I grew up watching this animal host one of the most underrated game shows of all time, followed by Unwrapped, which appeals to anyone who has a good head on their shoulders aka likes snacks. He’s not on Jon Taffer level by any means, but credit given where credit is due. At one point or another everyone wanted to meet Marc Summers. You don’t have to admit it, you can lie to me but don’t lie to yourself. Maybe I’m over exaggerating, maybe not. Lemme know when you know.

Is this not the greatest idea in the history of great ideas? I’d put this right up there with TiVo and the Baconator. It’s revolutionary, and it’s a game changer on all cylinders. College Edition has an endless list of possibilities (i.e. Drinking events, Sorority chicks covered in slime, perennial bragging rights, etc). SEC football becomes unimportant and irrelevant. ACC basketball becomes completely inconsequential. It’s no longer about which is the best party school. Ivy League schools are no better than anyone else, it’s an equal playing field. It’s all about who has the best university Double Dare team.

Nickelodeon can’t be serious not wanting this to happen. They can’t be serious being angry at Marc Summers. How can you be angry with Marc Summers?! The man is a saint! He’s a brave and a pioneer! Get the big dump out of your pants and give the people what they want. If they won’t budge, I’m gonna have to take action. I might have to launch SummerTV. All things summer: Marc Summers, Summer Sanders, Summer Heights High (great show), Summer Catch (quality flick), I Know What You Did Last Summer (has the word Summer in it). You get the point, someone has to make Double Dare: College Edition happen, and they need to do it now. “Not tomorrow, not after breakfast, NOW!”

Nothing says school spirit like cheering on your peers picking a giant nose searching for an orange flag.

PS- Umm how about College Guts?



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