There Is No Justification For A Michael Sam Press Conference

So the Cowboys signed Michael Sam to their practice squad. Good for them, they can use all the defensive help they can get so there’s really no risk with signing anyone. In fact, I don’t know if that defense can get any worse. They were historically bad last year and they haven’t made many improvements. Also, good for Michael Sam. He deserves just as much of a chance to play as anyone else. And that’s my point. He is no different from anyone else on that field. He likes guys, great. So do millions of other people. But it doesn’t change who he is as a player, not even a little bit.

The fact that Jerry Jones think it’s appropriate to host a press conference in light of the Cowgirls signing a 7th-round draft pick to their PRACTICE SQUAD is utterly ridiculous and downright preposterous. This should be no different than any other team signing any other mediocre player to their practice squad. The fact that Michael Sam is a gay man should play zero impact in how others view him. Unfortunately we live in a world with ignoramuses and bigots and assholes. But it’s 2014, who isn’t gay nowadays. I don’t mean that in a negative way, as I have zero issue with anyone’s sexual orientation, Sam included. But gay people do everything straight people do; they run companies, play sports, etc.

Everyone in the NFL for the most part is preaching all this nonsense about how Michael Sam shouldn’t raise any distractions, but that’s all that is, nonsense. You want to treat him like all the other scrubs on the practice squad? Then don’t host a fucking PRESSER for his signing. It’s absolutely absurd, and Jerry Jones should be lynched for such outrageous motives. Where does he get the audacity to think this is okay? You don’t want a media distraction so therefore you literally manufacture a media distraction. He’s so full of shit because it’s all about Jerry Jones. It always has been. How many owners of teams are also GMs? Not many, and not many successful ones for that matter. He’s not a football guy, just a money hungry fool who can’t live without the limelight.

The bottom line is that holding a press conference for a player signed to your practice squad is not necessary. His homosexuality should sit backseat to the more important factors, like him almost not getting drafted and being a mediocre player at best right now. Even Jason Garrett admitted to this whole thing being blown out of proportion. You gotta feel bad for Michael Sam here, right? He didn’t request a press conference. It’s an embarrassment to him being basically humiliated to the world. And above all else it’s just a true testament to what kind of guy Jerry Jones is, a complete clown. Sam wants to be treated like a normal player, so treat him like a normal player. Pay no mind to him being gay but only to him being a scrub on the practice squad to run over with all the other rookies.

Here are 3 things Jerry Jones should focus his attention on more than Michael Sam:
1- The Cowboys pathetic defense
2- Not taking pictures with sluts and acting innocent when they get leaked to the Internet
3- The Cowboys tarnished reputation over the last decade that he is solely responsible for

The Cowboys stink, and Jerry Jones stinks.


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