Qatar Ignores All Warning Signs And Plans To Spend A Bazillion Dollars Building A New City For The World Cup

EliteDaily: With insanely hot temperatures and alleged human rights violations, practically every objective view of the 2022 World Cup is against it being held in Qatar. It seems as if the only reason the nation’s been awarded the tournament is that it has cash in excess. The rich oil state has so much cash, in fact, that it can build cities completely from scratch in a desert, according to a report last week by CNN’s Brandon Griggs. Lusail is the name, and it is a 28-square-mile, planned city that is being built on a coastal desert along the Persian Gulf, located 15 miles north of Doha’s city centre.

The project of Lusail costs $45 billion. Lusail Iconic Stadium has been selected as the site of the 2022 World Cup Final. Residents and visitors will get around via a light-rail network, a water-taxi system and a network of underground pedestrian tunnels. Lusail is expected to accommodate approximately 250,000 residents. The city is scheduled to be completed by 2019. The city will be highlighted by Marina Mall, which will be a super retail center linked by five interconnected pods, spanning 600,000 square feet.

It’s hard to hate these guys, man. I could be spiteful and jealous because they are getting the World Cup and we’re not, but frankly, I am spitefully and jealous. I think that’s fair. They have an awesome opportunity that we don’t and they’re spending tens of billions of dollars to make it awesome. Money makes problems go away, it’s as simple as that. I literally just wrote about how Qatar hosting the World Cup in 2022 is in question for a number of reasons. But now they’re giving the world 45 billion new reasons confirming FIFA’s selection.

When you have more money than you can count, you have the ability to do things that most people cannot. When you have more money than you even know what to do with, the possibilities are endless. Why not build an entire city from the ground up? What do they even do on a daily basis I’m Qatar? There’s nothing left to do but spend money in new, ridiculous, over-the-top fashion. Do they even have a soccer team? They’re probably gonna just find the rarest undiscovered talent from all over the world, ship them and their families to Qatar (wherever the FUCK that is) to live like royalty, pay them handsome, handsome salaries to play on the national team, and then forget about soccer for the next 1000 years until they get the World Cup again.

Building an entirely brand new city from scratch for an event that lasts like 6 weeks is as cocky as cocky gets. But you gotta respect a move like that. “Oh people think we just bought the World Cup? Well here’s a brand new city for you all to enjoy now shut the fuck up while my mistresses feed me grapes!” Tough life man. These guys are kings, straight up royalty. What’s great is that they’re literally being hated on for having so much money; whether they’re spending it ethically or not is up in the air but they’re making it all irrelevant. People hate them for having money, so they throw more money in your face to make you forget about why you were mad in the first place. A little reverse psychology. It’s the oldest trick in the book.

Money talks. Money team.



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