Norton Antivirus Twitter Game Strong

Apparently this is from back in March but it was circling the Internet today and I couldn’t be happier that I stumbled upon it. It’s just so hilarious all around. Nasty Gal comes out firing to her followers with a great tweet. I can feel the emotion and the passion she has for her opinion. I respect the hell out of that. I see you, Nasty Gal, I see you. It’s a perfect subtweet with a ridiculous scenario at the end that she knows will never happen, giving her the upper hand over the aforementioned “bitch/hoe” whom the subtweet is directed towards.

And then some nerd from Norton backs her up! That’s like when Henry Rowengartner told Heddo he was gonna throw him a fastball and hit him with a change up. Total confusion. I can’t even tell you why this is funny but it just is. You’ve got this clearly angry girl tweeting away her problems like so many of us do, and then Norton fuckin Antivirus responds in approval. Just didn’t see that one at all. I’d follow them for that move. I’d tweet at them all the time. Whenever someone hassles me on twitter or disagrees with me, I’ll throw my secret weapon at them: the Norton Antivirus Marketing/Social Media intern. Take that bitch/hoe!

PS- I hate that emoji. I will never understand it. Pretty sure it’s a girl smoking a boagie and holding it out to the side mid-drag like a true badass. But idk.


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