I Made An Instagram Account

Took long enough right? For years I have been strictly Twitter, but it’s all about to change. It’s not that I disliked Instagram or failed to grasp the premise of it. It was simply the feeling that I wouldn’t participate. I don’t take many pictures. I thought of it like Twitter where so many people have accounts but rarely use it. I don’t follow those people, and I wouldn’t want that to be me. But the seasons change, it’s inevitable. Big players make big plays. This is a big move. I am excited for this new chapter in my life, and I prepare to make a big splash in the Instagram world. Despite the nagging and harassment from close friends for not making an Instagram, this was a completely self-made decision to simply get my name out there some more. The TheEricHammer brand is destined to be a household name, and this is just another way to make noise with it. Although one personal genuinely referred to me as a “social outcast” for not having an Instagram, that one stung a bit.

Waiting so long to make this move was so brilliant, none of you even recognize it. Followers on followers. Standby for pictures of delicious food, creative selfies, me with famous people, and miscellaneous funny shit. I’m gonna double tap the shit out of all your pictures.

So all that’s left now is for you to jump aboard. Follow me on Instagram @TheEricHammer.


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