Dude Sinking In Kayak Is The Funniest Video On The Internet


All things considered, this is arguably the funniest video to ever hit the Internet. I’ve watched it over and over and over again, and every single time is better than the last. It’s so perfectly laugh out loud funny. You’ve got this awkward ginger just FREAKING out because his kayak is sinking. This guy is just a total and utter mess. Soaking wet, uncoordinated and unorthodox, life jacket just flopping everywhere, clearly not athletic. Unconditionally helpless and lamenting in his own patheticness. I can’t even imagine how this might have happened. I only wish we could have seen this all build up to this point, where you would think this dude is on the verge of death with some of the howls he’s letting out. “Sarah this has never happened, and if I move it sinks lowerrrr!” Max is legitimately crying and begging for Sarah’s help while she sits there in her most likely non-capsized kayak, dry as can be, filming the hysteria and Max’s breakdown right before her eyes. How he got so much seaweed and grass wrapped around his paddle I do not know. Totally overreacting at :36 because of the seaweed on his paddle. Looks like he made a little progress after at least sitting up straight in the kayak. Granted, the front half is completely submerged and the back half is like ten feet in the air, but you gotta think at this point Max might pull it together. Andddddd then he’s totally in the water again at 1:03, boat entirely upside down.

He’s still out there right? Has to be.

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Kayak on Make A Gif

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