Real-Life Krusty Krab Opened Today (In Palestine)

EliteDaily: People went absolutely insane when news broke that Palestine would be home to an actual Krusty Krab. For months, the restaurant was being carefully planned out and built. A while back, we introduced you to a few pictures that started circulating the Internet.

Now, the Krusty Krab replica restaurant, Salta Burgers, is celebrating their grand opening and has the Internet talking once again. The restaurant contains many of the likenesses and decor featured in the actual restaurant on Nickelodeon’s “SpongeBob SquarePants,” including the boat-shaped cashier kiosks. Salta Burgers even offers Krabby Patties!

Let’s go ahead and pretend this is located in a safe country. And lets also assume they couldn’t call it the Krusty Krab due to copyright infringement policies (because that literally can be the only explanation). Okay, now everyone’s on the same page.

I’ve been saying this for years that this would be a brilliant idea. I figured I could never do it because of legal issues (figured Nickelodeon owned the rights to everything Spongebob). But I always knew this could be a great idea. Build one, make a boatload of money, get everyone talking about it, and then franchise. Put them all over the place. Imagine one of these in Orlando, like right outside Disney or Universal Studios. That’s the epitome of a gold mine.

Let’s take a second to think how Palestine landed this gig over the United States. I guess they feared maybe it would make TOO MUCH money or something? I don’t know. But it’s good to see they pretty much nailed all the details and decor, apart from the 8 foot talk Squidward statue. Holy moly that would give me nightmares. And the whole “under water” thing, but that’s a good moderation I’d say.

PS- If they’re not serving Krusty Krab Pizza they done fucked up now, man.


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