In Need Of Ideas For Upcoming HammerTime Podcast

Hello boys and girls, friends and family, fans, haters, strangers, etc

So here’s the deal. has gotten a lot of attention over the past few weeks, for good reasons and bad. You could even say I was the talk of the town for a stretch of like 36 hours. But press is press. If people are talking about it, I’m doing something right. Without a reaction, any action is meaningless. With that said, it’s time to kick things up a notch. In the coming weeks, I will be launching the first edition of the HammerTime podcast.

What exactly does that mean? Not sure yet. But with the help of a small crew, we’re gonna make it happen. Sometimes people don’t have time to read the blogs or watch the videos I post, so for now this will be strictly audio. You can listen at work, in the car, while you’re taking a shit I don’t care. But it’s easily accessible, and allows for multitasking as well.

This is in the preliminary stages of planning, like alpha alpha level. I have a few things planned, some of which are better off remaining secret for now. But a main portion of it is gonna be questions that come in from you clowns. You all will be able to tweet, email, Facebook message questions that could end up on the podcast. Could be funny questions, could be serious questions, could be sick twisted demented questions. The best ones will make it onto the podcast and I’m sure they will stir the pot. I also think I wanna do this thing where whoever has the best question of the week can join in the following week as a guest appearance.

Like I said, there’s not many details cemented yet, so if you have any good ideas, don’t hesitate to suggest them. There are a lot of podcasts out there, so I’m looking to differentiate this one way or another. There’s a lot of potential to do some cool shit and I’d love for everyone to get involved. I’ve thought about a ton of things I/we could do: opening/closing rant of what’s on my mind, discuss some current events/funny stories in the news, some other little things as well.

Figure out a way to get in contact with me if you have any ideas. The more the better.


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