Best Of Manalapan Residents Facebook Group: The Final Chapter

This will unfortunately be the end of the Best Of Manalapan Residents Facebook Group era. There are some people who feel that it has done more harm than anything else. While I don’t agree with the opinions of the select few who felt this way, it is what it is. All good things come to an end (blogs, pizzas, movies, etc.). But we still have some business to take care of before I comment on the issue at hand. For the last time, let’s get to it…


mpanI hated summer reading as much as the next person, but Jill is a fool if she really thinks the parents should decided what kind of schoolwork their kids should do during the summer. Is it really that bad? You wait until the last week of summer, go to the beach, read the book, and it’s done with. It’s schoolwork, it’s not supposed to be fun. It sucks, you do it, and you move on. There is no chance any parents would give their kids any work to do. I will tell you that if Jill’s unpractical suggestion were implemented and my mom tried to make me read a book for school, I would probably punch her in the face.


mpan2If you wanna start drama in the Manalapan Facebook group, either make a blog and poke fun at people, or just take a shot at a place where like 80% of the group members grew up. I don’t think one day in Brooklyn is enough to justify an opinion like this. I don’t know where this guy was or what he did, but he obviously went to the wrong places because I have never not enjoyed my time in Brooklyn (Roll N’ Roaster, L&B, Randazzo’s, Brennan & Carr). There were a TON of comments, full of disapproval towards Kevin’s feelings, but none better than Scott’s. That is a legitimate threat from Scott and “da’ boys”. He’s like a lion protective of his cubs and his land, very territorial.


Bobby agrees (with me).
Suzanne fills with immediate regret.
Much peace!


mpan4What a loser.


mpanLASTLittle did I know that this was the beginning of the end. There was a chain of about 50 comments before the post was deleted (by who I do not know). Lola was apart of the overwhelming minority. A few people, I can count on one hand, felt the way she did. This small percentage of Manalapan residents feel or have at one point felt “personally ridiculed”. They were upset that their “families and kids have been brought into things”. They were upset that their posts in a “private Facebook group became public information” (please note that this “private” Facebook group has like 5,000 members).

A larger group of people felt the exact opposite. Andrew here is obviously a big fan. To the people who commented about liking the blogs, I appreciate that. Positive feedback is the most encouraging thing in the world, for anything. I have no idea what fodder means but I love that I now have more of it. Most people took the position of “I think she’s overreacting”. Let the record show that I am not attacking Lola, just using her feelings as an example. I know she’s not the only one who feels this way, but she was the only one to express herself this way. Lola was clearly upset about something I said. Assuming it’s the same Lola, ONE of her posts ended up in ONE of my blogs ONCE. What she said and what I said is not important, but I standby what I said. Am I angry that she put down my blog and posted about it? Not at all. Big things make the news. Not everyone enjoys the blog, many people do. The ones that do are the only ones I care about. Haters are just fans in denial. Remember that. Anything you put on the Internet is public information. The group has 5000 members, I have a hard time sticking a “Private” label on it. And as far as the “personally ridiculed” claim goes, it’s just totally ridiculous considering I hide last names and pictures. The posts I write about are essentially anonymous. Last week I literally called this lady an idiot, and she commented on the blog saying she loves the blog. She’s a good sport about it because SHE GETS IT. It’s the same thing as when you go to a comedy show. You are subject to public embarrassment, that’s just how it goes.

If anyone has genuinely felt disrespected by something I’ve said, I am sorry for that. Consider this my formal apology as that was obviously never my intention. But I do not regret anything I have said, as they were all for the purpose of producing a few laughs. I poke fun at people, most people have no issues with it as they know it’s all satirical and well-intended. Nothing I said was truly that mean in my opinion; if people can’t handle name-calling, I pity them. I don’t have an actual dislike for any of these people as I have no reason to. But enough people, or potentially just one person with enough authority, felt that the Manalapan Residents Facebook group was better off without me. On Friday, August 8, 2014, sometime between 9am-2pm, I was removed from the group. Seems pretty childish and immature, but the people have spoken. It’s confusing and slightly disappointing, but for some reason not surprising. We live in a world where people are very judgmental. It may not be fair or right, but everyone has an opinion for everything. What they do with their opinions is another story. I’m not mad at anyone in particular, it’s just another step forward. I hope one day these people wish I would blog about them again. People don’t forget. I’m sure I could ask to join the group again and maybe they’ll allow it, but I have no plans to do so. We’re better off without each other. But hey, 5000 people were talking about me. All press is good press. I am not going to stop writing blogs, and the subjects of the blogs are whatever they are. Like I said, nothing makes me happier than when people tell me they love reading my blog. I enjoy writing blogs, and I love when other people give me their support. Unfortunately you can’t please everyone. To those people that don’t like the blog, they have every right to feel that way, and they don’t have to read the blog. That’s their prerogative. I’m not focused on them anyway.

Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.




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