Brooklyn Restaurant Offering Spin The Bottle To Help Break The Ice

EliteDaily: A 48-year-old dude known for spending way too much time with college kids is opening up a 24-hour diner and music venue in Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY — and it’s kind of giving people the creeps. Chang Han plans on stocking his new diner, Amancay’s Diner, with music, open mic nights and great organic food. However, he’s also boasting another strange gimmick: Customers can expect to see a table surrounded by a red leather booth designated specifically for playing spin the bottle with other customers.

Han, a self-proclaimed “professional party guy,” once spent his days “getting drunk with a lot of girls” at a deli he also owned for 10 years and wrestling college students in a pool filled with Jell-O at Gama, his now-closed restaurant in East Village. Even Amancay’s Diner’s new logo, designed by Han’s friend, represents his obsession with young women. It’s a picture of an owl wearing a top hat and the phrase “Sexy enough for Chang,” and it’ll be printed on tank tops and painted on an Amancay’s Diner wall.

Jon Taffer would have an absolute field day with this guy. Imagine if he sent in his wife or daughter to do recon and this creepy, 48 going on 18-year old owner who is having a hard time growing up and being a mature adult tried getting them to play spin the bottle with him. JT would murder his family and make this guy clean it up before getting killed himself.

Sounds like the type of guy who went out in college to the shadiest house parties with the darkest basements trying to hookup with girls who couldn’t see his face or his weird motives. As opposed to going to the bars and getting drunk while trying to get laid like everyone else in college with a fully functioning brain, and penis for that matter. The best way to create social interaction is to stick a bar in the middle of the room, you big clown. That’s how you break the ice, dummy. Create opportunities for a dude to buy a girl a drink, thus creating conversation. Don’t try to force awkward intimate situations that people like to call Spin the Bottle, thus spreading the common cold and any gross mouth infections from a person you want nothing to do with. Zero girls are going to sit at this round table surrounded by a booth. Zero. Because it’s weird and uncomfortable.

I may be the minority here, but the first thing on my mind after crushing a grilled cheese and disco fries at a 24-hour diner is going home and going to sleep. I’m not at my best (physically, mentally, and especially emotionally) after a meal at the diner. 24 hour diner, fantastic idea. 24 hour diner with organic food, terrible idea. 24 hour diner with organic food and Spin the Bottle, even worse idea. But what else do you suspect from a “professional party guy”? What an asshole.



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