Purell Is Just The Worst Thing Ever

Yeah so Purell is literally the grossest thing in the world. It’s ridiculous how many people use it, let alone tolerate it. It’s disgusting. It feels disgusting. It’s smells disgustingly disgusting. In fact, I have a hard time thinking of any product that smells worse. You use it to clean your hands, and then the smell makes you throw up on your hands, rendering the Purell immaterial. Everything comes full circle.

People who carry Purell with them at all times are straight up PSYCHOPATHS. That’s some of the most insane behavior I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen people Purel their hands hourly, it’s one of the most preposterous moves I’ve ever seen. How often do you need your hand clean? I wash my hands when I wake up, before I eat (3x), before I go to sleep usually, after going to the bathroom most of the time, and if my hands are ever dirty from something else. That’s standard, normal, average, habitual behavior. My hands are clean. You wanna moisturize your hands every ten minutes? Fine, I have zero issues with that. Get something that has a tolerant odor, holy moly. Is good ol fashioned soap and water not doing the trick? Get outta my face with that Purell and that idiotic mentality. Purell people are an odd bunch, and that’s putting it nicely. Total wildcards, totally unpredictable. What other kind of questionable choices are they gonna make. I find it best to just stay far away.

Germaphobes are typically bad bad people, some of the weirdest people out there, except Howie Mandel that guy is a riot. I fully support cleanliness and hygiene, but let’s keep it reasonable. How could you be okay with your hands smelling like Purell? And make everyone else around you gag at the smell? Have some respect. And guess what? Purell isn’t stopping Ebola from penetrating your immune system. Y’all are in the same boat as the rest of us.


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