Ebola Has Reached The US, Donald Trump Not Happy About It

HuffPo: Donald Trump wants Americans infected with ebola to be kept out of their own country. In a series of tweets posted over the weekend, Trump said doctors who treat ebola patients “are great,” but shouldn’t be allowed to seek treatment back home if they get sick. “Treat them, at the highest level, over there,” Trump tweeted. But The Donald didn’t stop there. He said the U.S. must “stop all flights from EBOLA infected countries or the plague will start and spread inside our borders.”

Dr. Kent Brantly, the American doctor stricken with ebola in Africa, returned to the U.S. on Saturday, and is said to be improving as he receives treatment at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital. His assistant, missionary Nancy Writebol, also contracted the disease while working with patients suffering from ebola. She’s expected to be flown to the U.S. later this week. Earlier, the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention appealed for calm in the wake of fears about Americans sickened by ebola coming to the states. “I hope that our understandable fear of the unfamiliar does not trump our compassion when ill Americans return to the U.S. for care,” said Dr. Tom Frieden, according to The Associated Press.

The Donald coming in hot! The epidemic is upon us! The West African-derived Ebola virus has made it way across borders and oceans to the United States, and Donald Trump is not happy about it. He has taken his emotions to the most mainstream of public forums, the Internet, and he FREAKED out on Twitter over the weekend into this week. This is a perfect example of a “I was thinking it but I’m really happy someone else said it before me” type of situation. There are so any times where you don’t wanna be “that guy”. The Donald is happy to embrace that role. But did he really have another choice than to take this role? I guess when you say you wanna run for President and the whole country laughs at you, the only viable option to stay relevant is to come up with plan B and quickly. It’s good to have him back, I almost forgot about him. We should just let Uncle Don dictate who enters the country. The whole “You’re fired” shtick would apply well here when he permits or denies each person entry into the country. So by turning people away, he’s technically firing them forever. It’s pretty tough to argue here with The Donald. His words may not have been in the best taste, but he got his point across, and it’s easy to get behind that mindset. He kinda has a point. It’s not wrong to want nothing to do with this virus, and if that means keeping anyone infected out of the country lines, it may be a strategy worth considering. At the very least, the United Nations should probably sit down and come up with a new plan of action for doctors in Africa considering their current methods of attempting to halt the outbreak has failed greatly. It’s pretty obvious that they’re better off getting treated here, I don’t think anybody can argue that. But it’s not like the doctors there can’t identify someone who has it. You’d think at this point the doctors in Liberia, etc. are pretty familiar with the symptoms. Although on the other hand, they obviously have no idea what they’re doing.

This Ebola thing kinda creeps up on you. Like first you hear about it on the news, but pay little to no mind to it because it seems kinda par for the course in that part of the world. Then you get wind that people have brought it back into the states and they’re being tested for it. Next thing you know, you have a 108 fever and you’re bleeding out of all your orifices, on the verge of death. No thanks. I don’t understand how any rational person could want to go to Africa at this point. It’s either AIDS, West Nile, or Ebola, quite literally a “pick your poison” scenario. I’ll stick with running water, advanced modern medicine, and cable. I’m gonna have to find a way to convince my boss to let me work from home, in New Jersey, far away from Ebola, forever. No point of leaving the house anymore. People are legitimately scared about this thing. I told a guy at work that someone in the Mt. Sinai Hospital was being treated for possible Ebola symptoms. Mind you, this hospital is nowhere near where we work or where he lives. Minutes later he left work early, and coincidently called out of work tomorrow. It’s the beginning of the end in the good of US of A.

PS- Fun fact, I’m kinda related to Donald Trump, hence my reference to him as Uncle Don.

PPS- First time I heard about Ebola, my first thought was “Pretty sure Taco Bell started that over here, get your own virus!”

PPPS- Do we just totally isolate all infected persons? Like just ship them off to some remote island to flush out the virus from the rest of society? Kidding but not kidding. Maybe we just stick em on a Malaysian Airlines flight, decent chance of them disappearing anyway. Too soon? Probably.


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