Philly Food Truck Launches Hash Brown Bacon Ranch Mac And Cheese Sandwich

EliteDaily: What do you get when you take crispy bacon, scrumptious mac and cheese and top it with buttermilk ranch dressing before squeezing it between two crispy hash browns? You get heaven — that’s what you get.

We recently came across a carb-filled treat that features some of the best food in the world, all in one meal. The concept was put together by Philadelphia’s mac and cheese food truck called Mac Mart.

This masterpiece of a sandwich is called the Mac and Hash Sammy with Bacon & Pam Pam’s Bam Bam Bangin’ Buttermilk Ranch. We’re not sure why the name’s so long, but it is probably directly correlated to how delicious this is.

The guy who first said “less is more” needs to be slapped and force fed this creation of pure ingenuity. Generation Y has basically taken over the world at this point, and this just solidifies it. We live in a time where it’s boring to be normal and average. It’s cool to be extraordinary an different. There’s entrepreneurs around every corner, eager to come up with the next big thing. This, right here, is the next big thing. Four incredible ingredients organized in a collaborative sandwich to create greasy goodness in my mouth. That’s what I’m talking about! Nobody goes to a food truck to get your average hamburger anymore. You’ve got taco trucks and grilled cheese trucks taking basic classics to a whole new level of creativity. Macaroni and cheese with bacon and ranch in between 2 hashbrowns? Yes please, for breakfast lunch and dinner. 7 days a week, twice on Sunday. Brilliant, and I need one.

Everyday there’s new food things popping up and making noise. Last week I read that the dude who invented Cronuts just launched ice cream sundaes in a can. ICE CREAM SUNDAES IN A CAN. And opinions aside regarding this sandwich or ice cream in a can, there’s a distinct difference between dudes who create that and average joes that buy into the gimmicks or loathe at the concept of it. The difference is, we ask Why? Why would I want ice cream in a can? Why would anyone ever put bacon ranch mac and cheese between 2 hashbrowns? Entrepreneurs have a different way of thinking.

Why not?



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