Best Of Manalapan Residents Facebook Group: Part 8

Honestly, not a very eventful week on the Manalapan Residents Facebook page. Plenty of complaining, still. Plenty of jokes to be made.


mpanI’ll be honest I laughed at this. Sometimes the cheesy jokes are the best ones. Pretty messed up to start rumors about a preschool closing, am I right? Take your efforts elsewhere, no need to get the kids involved. There are some sick people out there.


mpan2Umm, ew? What the FUCK is Veggetti? How about you just get out of my face with that? Thanks.


mpan3If you’re an active reader on this page, you’ve seen Michael get involved many times before. I’ll venture out to even say he is the most active member out of anyone, and that is saying a LOT. Comments on everyone’s posts, makes stupid jokes that adults find funny, he just loves it. Like I don’t find this post funny at all, but I swear I saw someone comment something like “You’re so funny Michael!”. It’s weird how adults find adults funny that the younger generation doesn’t, and they also don’t think anything from our generation is funny or cool. Old people love being old people, man. BUT now we’re getting vulgar! Hopefully this stems to everyone cursing and getting real aggressive on here.


mpan4No worries, guys. I looked up what that word means. Deface means to “spoil the surface or appearance of (something), e.g., by drawing or writing on it; mar or disfigure.” There you have it. The kids on Heleen’s block are spoiling the surface of cars! Chaos in Manalapan! Bedlam! Pandemonium! To the hoodlums (old people say “hoodlums” right?), proceed with your defacing with much caution. Heleen has put the word out on Facebook. This week we might see her post about organizing a community watch program to put an end to this madness. Listen, lady. Kids start trouble. It’s fuckin fun alright? Take a hike.


mpan5First read through, I thought this was going to be the greatest post in the history of great posts. I thought Jenny had gone off the reservation, talking straight NONSENSE that made no sense. Midway through I was convinced she had a few screws loose upstairs. For a second I thought she was wholeheartedly putting out a PSA calling for the Santa Claus’s head. Wouldn’t surprise me, considering where we live. But unfortunately, it was nothing more than a lame attempt to make a joke to disguise her question because it has been asked one million times before. There’s no bad pizza around here, what an idiot.


I don’t know if any of that made any sense. It’s been a long week/weekend. Sorry.


One thought on “Best Of Manalapan Residents Facebook Group: Part 8

  1. Hey Eric-You DID miss the joke. I would never eat PIZZA in Manalapan…Love the blog though. Literally laughed so hard at the Marigold commentary, I cried. Keep it up-The residents are LOSING their shit.

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