I’m Taking The Wawa Closing Harder Than I Thought I Would

Wawa closed yesterday.

I didn’t think I’d care all that much, considering that the Rt. 9 Wawa hasn’t been able to shine the shoes of Union Hill Wawa. It’s basially Wawa 2. It’s closer to my house, and I’d still go to Union Hill if I wanted Wawa. But that’s neither here nor there. The point is that Wawa is Wawa, and you cant just come along and close a Wawa. What kind of mindset must someone have to feel motivated to close Wawa? That’s straight up monster mentality. It’s unheard of.

I’ve probably been in that Wawa only like 10 times before, no joke. It’s not a match for the probably 200 trips to Union Hill Wawa. But you can’t just take something away from me, from US, like that. The worst part of it all, they decided to change the name today in broad daylight, literally as I drove by. Like I drove past, and some asshole was up on a crane putting up the new name on the front of the building. Driving by to no longer see Wawa and to now see Pantry 1, whatever the FUCK that is, won’t ever be okay with me I don’t think. You wanna take away one of my Wawa legs from underneath me, fine. But do it the right way. That name needs to be changed at night, between 12am-5am. Nobody deserves to witness that. And I might have been one of the few to actually see the transformation, but I feel like it symbolized the whole town being kicked in its collective dick. I can’t believe they’re gonna just change the name right in front of me like that. I’ve never felt so much disrespect.

In all seriousness, their should have been at least a 2 day mourning period, where local citizens can go by and lay flowers, sit outside, reminisce, etc. Nope. And they didn’t just rip the bandaid off to make it quick and painless. No, they have to torture us, and humiliate us, and change the name in broad daylight. Rumor has it this new place is still a convenience store, but they stripped us of the Wawa brand and the memories hat came with it. Can’t replace those can ya?


5 thoughts on “I’m Taking The Wawa Closing Harder Than I Thought I Would

  1. I saw that too and almost broke my neck from whiplash as I drove by. I mean, the day before, there was a sign that said: “Closed for renovation and inventory control”, and I thought, “okay, but didn’t they have a renovation not so long ago…?” But then THIS.. THIS… BETRAYAL!!???

    Oh, and I drove by today… and what is usually a bustling, busy store had…. ONE car parked in front. DIE Pantry 1, DIE! It’s like that 7-11 that tried to compete next door. Brand new store. Lasted less than a year. Died a horrible death.

    Oh, I will stop in, eventually (and park way off to the side), just because I am curious as to the staff, maybe I can get some answers as to WHY, the layout, the products, but doubt I will buy anything. I dunno, Wawa, you let us down big time. If Union Hill goes Pantry 1, I say we form a lynch squad.

    1. OK, me again, same guy as above. I got the lowdown on the original store, from the former manager (who now works at the Wawa in Marlboro at Rts. 79 & 520).. so.. he told me they wanted to put in some new equipment, such as a baking oven for bread, and a few other things, and the powers-that-be of MANALAPAN refused to grant them the permits. So, this went on for a while, and then they just decided, screw it, we’re outta here. And as they’re cleaning up and removing stock from shelves, the Pantry 1 people are placing their stock on the shelves.

      Wawa manager said parking situation was bad, anyway, with accidents, many near-accidents, etc. He put all the money into escrow and is looking for a property for a Super Wawa. So, not Wawa’s decision, mainly. It was the screwing over by the town, for whatever reason. But of course they welcome Pantry 1 with open arms.

      And, yes, I’ve been there. They really did morph into what Wawa had and made it theirs. Ordering screens still work. Same soda machine, with same exact flavors (and flavor shots.. ya know.. I always wanted to fill my cup with JUST flavor shot syrup.. still might do that one day). Nothing really new except the food. Oh, HUGE sandwich selection. I had half a bacon cheesesteak which was pretty good and HUGE for “half”. They were nice. Indian music playing, because the place is run by Indians. Funny, I’ve NEVER seen an Indian working at Wawa. Ok, maybe once.

      So, Wawa, I apologize. Manalapan, I don’t know all the details, but if they’re true, well, your zoning/planning board sucks. And I don’t have anything nice to say about your cops, either. But that’s another story for another time…

      1. Not missing WaWa there anymore. The food is REAL. Staff is friendly, and what Indian music?? 70’s. 80’s, 90’s, and sometimes that stuff that the kids call music. waWa can’t hold a candle to this place as far as the food selection goes. Good stuff! Change happens, people. Get over it.

  2. As I pulled into the once convenience store I used to call home (wawa Union hill was walking distance from my old house), I just stared at the stupid sign. Stared so long I caused a traffic jam that went out onto route 9. I said outpouring with the windows down “I what the fuck is that piece of shit!!!” A wawa that has been there for 40 years just closes!!! Then the have the audacity to put up a piece of shit 1! My fiancé states “why are we still sitting here.” “Because I’m pissed!!!” I said. “No one said they were closing this store.” “May they have coffee” she said. My pissed off stare turned into straight up anger as I stared at her for a longer period that that stupid fucking sign. I said “I don’t give a shit if they have golden cups and naked Swedish women pouring it for me. I’ll never ever even drive by here ever again. We are going the backway to my parents from now on.”

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