Top 10 Episodes Of Boy Meets World (Not In Order)

EW: As is the case with long-running shows (Boy Meets World aired from 1993 to 2000), there are a ton of options, and it’s a bit of a tough call. Do you go with one early in the series’ run that gave us an iconic moment (like, say, when Topanga kissed Cory up against the lockers), or a past-its-prime contender that reminded fans of the glory days (that would be “Seven the Hard Way,” a.k.a the episode with Plays With Squirrels)? Or do you pick an episode that had a super-significant moment, but actually wasn’t all that great of an episode (cough, Cory and Topanga’s wedding, cough)? And let’s not forget about episodes with all-time perfect catchphrases, but a plot that wasn’t particularly memorable–looking at you, “Un-dah-pants episode.” Clearly, there’s a lot to consider. With that said, here are a couple of finalists:

“A Long Walk to Pittsburgh”: A two-parter that’s crucial to the Cory/Topanga drama. As the show went on, the comedy gave way to its fair share of melodrama, but here, the emotions were genuine and the feelings oh so real.

”The Happiest Show on Earth”: While it’s really sweet, the over-the-top big ending of Cory winning Topanga back doesn’t make up for a lack of all the other big characters in the episode.

“And Then There Was Shawn”: This scary movie-spoof is one of those that’s funnier when you’re not 10.

The One Where Topanga Cut Her Hair: Full disclosure: This is not the real episode title, but this is the episode where Danielle Fishel cut her REAL HAIR to show us all that APPEARANCES DON’T MATTER and HIGH SCHOOL IS HARD and it was perfect.

That’s all really very cute. Let me first say that the Girl Meets World premier was bad. It was cheesy and simple, but I wasn’t expecting much to be honest. There were a few Boy Meets World references, as well as some hidden BMW innuendos that a true fan would have picked up on. I’ll probably watch a few more episodes just to watch Cory and hope for some original characters to return. With that said, I trust VERY few people’s opinions about Boy Meets World. I once took a quiz online and was ranked 115 out of 45,000. I know the show in and out forward and backwards. And 3 out of 4 on that list are average episodes at best. When Topanga moves to Pittsburgh, I can’t think of any specific parts that stood out. The episode where they go to Disney is bleh. Horror episode is GREAT, definitely one of the best. Topanga cutting her hair was a decent episode; highlights include Cory impersonating Mr. Potato Head and Cory explaining the “haircut cycle of shame”. It’s pretty impossible to name one episode the best of them all because there really are so many great ones. There are a few that standout, but it wouldn’t seem right to rank them. Some episodes in particular stand head and shoulders above the rest and do deserve proper recognition, from a real expert. Time to relive some memories, buckle up.

  • The Eskimo: Shawn has to win tickets to the Super Bowl for Feeny. One scene in particular just perfectly epitomizes each character and the show as a whole. It’s also one of the funniest scenes in the show’s history. No jazzercise in the kitchen!


  • The Witches of Pennbrook: Guest appearance from DJ Tanner, sneaky hottie. And when Shawn joins in with the witch dance, get me every time. Not to mention arguably the most underrated quote of the series… Vintage Eric.


  • And Then There Was Shawn: The infamous horror episode. Too many funny scenes and quotes to list, but Eric losing his basketball, the death by books in the library, the “there’s like 15 retainers in there!” line, Angela trying to out-scream Jennifer Love Fefferman, all come to mind.


  • B&B’s BnB: Flies pretty under the radar amongst most watchers, but just a great episode. After he panics about the whole situation, Cory playing the piano for the guests is the best scene, just makes me chuckle every time.


  • Quiz Show: “I’m proud that I knew Krusty the Clown was the son of a rabbi.” The transformation from High School Quiz Show to Knowledge Fever to Huh! That’s Cool is just silly. The last scene when they play ‘Huh! That’s Cool!’ at home goes overlooked when it’s probably the best scene of the episode.


  • Ain’t College Great: Cory bringing pudding to college is such a Cory move it’s not even funny. Also, can’t dismiss his fear of the co-ed bathroom. Or signing up for a Gibberish class. Besides the scene where Eric, Jack, and Rachel have the food fight, this is probably the funniest series of events, specifically the laundry room scene where Eric tries to be Mr. Sensitive.


  • Better Than Average Cory: Personally my favorite episode of the entire show. Every single scene is cause for laughter. Cory’s claim to being average and him singing to his dad at his sister’s talent show are just so ridiculous and amazing. Two videos because one wouldn’t do it justice. In fact, Cory interrupting his sister’s song is THE funniest scene in the whole show behind ‘Soup or Bowl?’.


  • Seven the Hard Way: The aftermath of the notorious prank war creates probably the second funniest episode just because of Plays With Squirrels. Video speaks for itself.


  • The Pink Flamingo Kid: This one’s not so much about Cory as it is about Eric, or as he calls himself “Kyle”. The laugh he gives when he hears his parents call the Gambling Dogs picture junk is priceless.


  • The Thrilla In Phila: Cory joins the wrestling team and earns his nickname…Cory “The Cory” Matthews. I think he also makes is yearbook quote “GRR!” which is awesome. Until he changes it to that weird poem Topanga wrote.


Honorable Mention:

Shallow Boy – “No, Mistress Topanga, I think it’s the opposite of funny. I think it’s wood.”

Easy Street – “So I show up this morning and the wind chill is, like, Jupiter.”

This Little Piggy – “All right look, Mr. Feeny, I have a question that I’m gonna need a yes or no answer to: How many people get into Yale every year?”


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