World’s Tallest Teenager Is World’s Scariest Looking Human Alive


DailyMail: A 17-year-old girl from Turkey who stands at 7ft tall has been officially declared the world’s tallest female teenager. Rumeysa Gelgi who has a standing height of 213.6 cm (7ft 0.09 in), received the Guinness World Record award in a special presentation in her hometown of Safranbolu, Karabük. Rumeysa is an 11th grade high school student and lives at home with her parents and older siblings, who are all ‘normal’ height. Her height is caused by a condition called Weaver Syndrome – a rare genetic disorder that causes rapid growth. In addition to her height, Rumeysa’s hands have grown measure 24.5 cm and feet 30.5 cm – the equivalent of a 12 in men’s shoe sizes. Her size causes her mobility problems, and she has a custom-built wheelchair and walking frame to help her get around. Rumeysa’s shoes are also custom made in America for her. She said while she has been subject to cruel taunts about her appearance in the past, people’s negativity no longer upsets her, and she puts it down to ignorance. She said instead, she concentrates on the positives of being tall: ‘I like being different from everyone else. ‘It’s interesting and makes me feel special. It also provides me with easy access to high places, and looking down at people from above isn’t a bad thing either.’ Rumeysa has been told that she is not expected to grow any further, so will not beat the record of Tallest Living Person and fellow countryman, Sultan Kösen, who measures 251 cm (8ft 3 in).

Yikes. Ya hate to see this type of thing. Because when you’re this gigantic and you look like this, there’s also that guarantee that you die by like age 30. It is cool to see her in such high spirits about her freakiness. But let’s cut the bullshit. Drop the act, sister. She hates being like this. You can’t not hate this. She’s a straight up freak of nature. I know she has a disease which makes her look like this, but I’ll be the one to say it. I wish she didn’t look this this. She legitimately looks fake, like a manufactured body. This girl is tough to look at, a face for radio as they say. Just everything is disproportionate. I mean her head is like 8 times normal size, that’s gotta suck. I’m not buying into her claim to ignoring all the insults coming her way. No way they don’t get to her. “Easy access to high places” is the biggest cop out I’ve ever heard in my life. That’s such a media statement it’s not even funny. If she enjoyed being like this, she wouldn’t be home schooled, plain and simple. You are abnormal, thus you live an abnormal life. No real friends, no real life. Listen, her insecurities have merit. If you look like this and wanna be depressed about everything, I wouldn’t blame you.

Can you imagine being 7 feet tall and having no real health issues? Like imagine living your entire life being twice the size of every other person. That’s the worst. I am not someone who wants to blend in and be average. But the only reason I would want people staring at me while I walk down the street everyday is because I’m famous. 7 feet tall? Might as well be a thousand feet tall.


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