USA Pump Up Video. Anddddd Now I’m Hard.

If you’re not walking around all day tomorrow with a boner, might as well not be alive. It feels like I say this every time they step on the field, but this is the biggest soccer game this country has ever been apart of. But it’s the truth. We’ve already done what nobody thought we would in overcoming diversity in the form of the Group of Death. And they’ve played some real good soccer too. When we got our draw, I did say if we could get out of the group, we could potentially win another game against Belgium. Wish granted. And this Belgian team is good, but they are beatable. Dating back to December, USA had worse than 200-1 odds to win. Now they’re in the round of 16. We have silenced the naysayers. The entire country has gotten into these games and that’s awesome to see. And that doesn’t stop tomorrow. The nation stops tomorrow at 4pm. Time to get down to business. Let’s keep this party going. I believe that we will win!

I’ve heard a lot of people say nobody is allowed to eat waffles tomorrow. I think we all should eat waffles. It’s pretty symbolic of what will happen on the pitch. It’s a metaphor.


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