Could There Be Anything Worse Than This?


This is hysterical. I don’t care if you’re absolutely yoked. I don’t care if you have a goddamn eight pack and your abs have abs. There is nothing more embarrassing than having your body on a car. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Could you imagine? And the worst part is that my dude has a before and after on the car. I have made the claim that I might have the most average body in America. There is no amount of money someone could offer me to get me to put my body on a CAR. You wanna show off the results from some bogus workout system? Put pictures of yourself on some dumb infomercial like everyone else. “I lost 25 lbs in 8 weeks!” “I lost 85 lbs in 12 months!” Listen I’m not here to put this guy down like a dying animal. I respect anyone who has the drive to actually make major changes like this. But I lose respect for everyone who has to let the entire world know. You were ugly and unhappy before, what gives you the right to brag and boast now? And there’s no worse way to do so than to put yourself on the side of some Prius. “Hey mom look at me! I got in shape so now I’m on a car!” Gimme a break. And just as a side note, there’s no way that’s the same guy on that car. It’s the same as those commercials. Anyone with a pulse knows that it’s two totally different people. I’m sorry I refuse to buy into that nonsense.

I hope the guy driving this car is the guy on the car. I can picture the scenario now. You pull up to a red light, turn your head to check out this weird car with some weird shirtless but oddly happy guy standing proud on the side of the car. And then the window rolls down and sure enough it’s Car Man! You lock eyes briefly, he gives a half a smile and quick “Sup? Yeah that’s me on my car” nod. Ideal situation for him probably.

You can bet the rent that he’s the owner of the company and his name is Max. Take it to the MAX!


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