Best Of Manalapan Residents Facebook Group: Part 4

Guess who’s back back back? The crazy, unintelligent, common sense-less citizens of Manalapan who feel the need to express their petty concerns with a group of people they don’t know on a social media site because it makes them feel like other people care about their problems. That’s who. And this is the best collection so far.


Jesus Christ lady one thing at a time. Four questions is outrageous. None of them even make sense. This is what starts trouble. This is what stirs the pot in the wrong direction. Why embarrass yourself on a public forum instead of easily finding the answers to all of your questions on Google? First impressions are everything, and I do not like this woman.


It seems like Danielle is being a bit dramatic here. Pretty sure everyone around here is an impatient driver who honks at people. I’d be way more okay with someone complaining about the woman driving a minivan who was afraid to make a left turn onto a busy street. That is a valid complaint in my book. If you can’t roll with the big dogs, best stay away. Period much, Danielle?


Old people are ruthless, plain and simple. Nobody is safe in Covered Bridge. It’s an old person eat old person world out there. Basically a tight-knit community of thieves. By the way, can’t ever trust a Geoffrey with a G.


What? Pull it together, Barbs.


Not so much the stupid complaint from Bill, but rather the comment from Stephanie that has my attention. It has been my understanding that nobody has ever called anyone a “turd” except for Shelly in South Park. Why does she think we need to know about her $1 smoothies going flying? It literally adds nothing to the story except imagery.


Savages! Some people have such nerve! Sounds hilarious though, kinda wish I was there.


PHOOEY! Unbelievable expression of emotion. Just completely out in left field but totally hilarious. This is what I need more of, just ridiculous word usage, more made up acronyms, and I’ll even settle for more of these trivial complaints. Let’s get one thing out of the way…cheesesteak with American cheese? On what planet? Disgusting. Cheeburger Cheeburger is delicious. Facts are facts. Suzy has poor taste, that’s a fact. BITCH FEST OVER!


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