I’ll be the first to say I’m not over what happened on Sunday. We let a huge opportunity slip away. But it is the past and there is business to handle today. What a great day to be alive, a great day to be American. The Ghanaian squad is in total disarray, kicking players off the team left and right which can only help Portugal and thus help the United States. It’s the biggest game this sport in this country has ever seen. The country will stop at noon today to join in a collective nation-wide watch party and rightfully so. Today I have a similar feeling to 4 years ago when we stepped foot onto the field against Algeria with a chance to advance. And while Landon Donovan’s goal sparked a memory that I can never forget, I am more reminded of the day as a whole and the little details surrounding Donovan’s goal. I remember being at home while my friends were taking their last high school finals. I remember teaming up on Jared Mucha to make him pick up bagels for us at halftime. I remember showing up late to graduation practice because of the game. One can only hope today’s game against the Germans can create some new memories and stories to tell. But more than that, we all just hope to advance. A win would be nice, a tie would be just fine. Gotta get the job done somehow, some way. I mean we have a two world war advantage sooooo I don’t think we’ll have a problem. The anticipation is absolutely killing me. Nothing else matters today accept the stars, the stripes, and the boys moving on. Let’s go USA!

In the event that we win today and win the first knockout game, quarterfinals will be on the FOURTH OF JULY. So think about that.


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