Best Of Manalapan Residents Facebook Group: Part 2

Due to popular demand we are back for more. And by popular demand I mean because the people of Manalapan continue to entertain. Some of these people continue to amaze me. If they wanna act like this and keep positing nonsense for the group to see, then it’s my civic duty to exploit them and show the world. And for anyone reading this not from Manalapan, this is not a true indication of what this town is about, not even a little bit.


Old people being old people. Can’t live with em, can’t teach em technology. Come on, Donna, I thought you were better than that! Stop erasing your texts, lady!


What the FUCK is a circular? That literally can’t be a real term for something, can it? Another validation that old people just make things up so today’s youth can’t understand them. They don’t know what it means to “turn up” and now I have no idea what a “supermarket circular” is. Eye for an eye. Well played, adults. Well played.


Mind your own business, guy. What a man does with his News Transcript is his own business. If I wanna let it sit in my driveway and rot and let the squirrels rip it to shreds, that’s my prerogative. Let me live, Butch! Cool name.


So Manalapan it hurts. Dating websites are played out. Going out and striking up conversations at the bar is a lost art. The only way to get some play nowadays is to post online and see who else is just as desperate enough to private message you. Such a crazy move that you have to respect it. You think Dave has time for social interaction? No shot. No bullshit, no nonsense, no time to waste. The man means business!


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