Best Of Manalapan Residents Facebook Group

The Manalapan New Jersey Residents Facebook group has been a booming topic of recent conversation. People are talking about it non stop. It’s the same as any community forum. People post reviews, spread local news, ask questions, etc. My twitter feed has been blowing up with tweets about how hilarious it is. Naturally, I needed a piece of the action. It’s no secret that some of the people in this town are just living in a different world than most of us. These people are from a different breed.


Watching adults and parents trying to fit in with today’s youth and stay up to date on technology is one of my favorite things. Just stick to being old fashioned and technologically inept. Keep reading the paper, leave the Internet to the pros. This is a prime example. Adults literally just make up acronyms and abbreviations. They don’t understand our lingo so they make up their own, it’s just comical. But since I’m an Internet expert, I deciphered that ISO means “in search of”. With that said, I legitimately have no idea what TIA stands for. Unreal.


Let’s get something straight. I am totally on board with people helping people. But when there’s traffic, it’s every man for himself out there. Joseph really makes a weird call to post a traffic update on Facebook. And it’s not even Manalapan traffic. My man is just trying too hard. And I’m sure he didn’t appreciate Steven taking a huge dump on him like he did. Right away just shoots him down and tells him he’s wrong. And then he gives a boat lesson like it’s no big things. Come on, Joseph. How do you not know how corrosive salt water is?! Doesn’t everyone know that when you put the boat on the trailer the axels are gonna get hit with salt water? That’s day one stuff, rookie Joe.

PS – Looks like Tender Smiles is the spot.


3 thoughts on “Best Of Manalapan Residents Facebook Group

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