Gangnam Style Video Hits 2 Billion Views On YouTube

Yes, you read that correctly. TWO BILLION. That is just a stupid number. People still search that video on Youtube? That song was big for a few months, like over a year ago. I’ll be honest I was on board with that song right when it came out. I thought it was hilarious. The dance however I never enjoyed. From day one I thought it was childish and ridiculous. But that resonates well with most Americans unfortunately. That still doesn’t describe how it got to two BILLION views. Has another video even gotten close to ONE billion? As far as I’m concerned a billion is not even a real number. It’s so rare in any sense, youtube hits included.

Are we forgetting that this Psy guy hates America? He’s like a known, public, look-at-me, American hater. People have no backbones nowadays. We hate someone for a week and then we forgive and forget. Not me. Not with Psy. This clown will always be on my shit list. Credit given where credit is due. This joker created the dumbest song ever with the dumbest dance ever and he became an overnight international sensation. That’s basically the dream. Still don’t like him. The song isn’t even in English. The only non-English song Americans should be allowed to enjoy is Danza Kuduro. Case and point.


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