You Watch Another Team Win A Championship In Your Building. What Do You Do?

Here’s the situation. You are at a championship game, let’s say game 7. It’s a home game for your team. Away team wins, and a celebration rightfully ensues. Do you stick around and watch? Amongst the people that I’ve asked, most people said they would in fact stick around, for various reasons. Some people say they would stay in their seats just because they were in disbelief of what happened. Other people said they’d hang because it’s a championship and you might never get another chance to see that happen. The typical person would stay, take pictures, basically just corroborating their position as a fake fan, possibly a bandwagon fan. A true fan would not stay in my opinion, but to each his own.

I would get the FUCK outta there. I’d be out of my seat, up the aisle, and in my car before you realize what just happened. If I watch the Kings win the Stanley Cup at MSG, there is a zero percent chance I stay to watch the celebration. If I watch the Mets lose a world series at Citi Field, I’m out. The location is irrelevant to me. If the Jets lose in the Super Bowl at a neutral site, I’m gone. Not even a question. Odds are if I’m at a championship, I’d be with my dad and probably my brothers. They’d probably want to stay and “witness the experience”. Meet me at the car guys. I want nothing to do with another team celebrating. I’ve watched teams other than my own celebrate every championship ever since I was born. You couldn’t pay me to watch another team celebrate the championship that I have so longed for. I have waited 22 years for a championship. The only time a team of mine has ever even played for the title was the Subway Series in 2000. Could you imagine waking up every day basically expecting disappointment from your teams? And then having to watch them lose while another team celebrates and dances around the trophy? No way, absolutely not. I want to sit by myself in a corner and cry and then drink to an oblivion and not let anyone bother me. I don’t need all those positive vibes around me while I’m trying to sulk.

Let’s go Rangers.


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