Wait, Everyone Sleeps With Two Pillows, Right?

A buddy of mine asked me how many pillows I sleep with. As if there’s more than one answer to such a question. It’s two. It always has been two, and it always will be two. It is my understanding that everyone rests their head atop two pillows every night. Am I wrong? I actually like to have 4 in my bed, two and two. That way if I roll over, guess what, still on top of two pillows. And if I were in a situation where there was only one pillow, you fold it over so it acts as a decent substitute for a second pillow. Less area for your head, sure, but still double cushion. We all have nights where we crash on the couch or the floor. And sometimes you don’t have the luxury of having two pillows. Sometimes you’re lucky to have one. In fact I think it’s basically a guarantee that if you’re not sleeping in a bed, you either choose blanket or pillow, can’t have both. How does someone choose to sleep with one pillow? Might as well sleep with none. You know who uses one pillow when they sleep? Lunatics, that’s who.

As far as that picture goes, I used to have a tempurpedic pillow. Worst decision ever, I think I have permanent neck problems. Still used that with a second pillow beneath by the way.


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