Landon Donovan Left Off World Cup Roster. Pissed.

Well this sucks. Truly a tough pill to swallow for any US Soccer fan. Despite Jurgen Klinsmann’s job being putting the best squad together to give the Americans the best chance to win, it just doesn’t seem right that they’re gonna have to do it without Donovan. As someone who literally grew up watching and worshiping Landon Donovan, it’s hard to understand why he didn’t make the squad. I get that Klinsmann wants to go “younger” and that he wants to have a group of guys who are in the best shape. I get that he obviously knows more about Donovan and the rest of the squad than anyone. But LD doesn’t just bring skill. He brings a sense of leadership. His veteran presence on and off the field is motivation beyond belief. The guy is the all time US leader in goals. He is a different caliber of player than most, and there are guys on the roster that seem undeserving in comparison. I don’t know if it’s business or politics or some kind of personal issue between Klinsmann and Donovan, but I am not happy with Jurgen Klinsmann today. Doesn’t seem fair that we have to watch our boys take on the group of death in Brazil without Donovan. For the last 10 years or so, he has literally been the face of US Soccer. But it is what it is. Let’s just hope this doesn’t blow up in our faces.

Looks like the new image of American soccer will be put on display a little earlier than we thought, about 4 years early. I don’t agree with the cut of Landon Donovan, but what’s done is done. Not it’s time to get behind Klinsmann and the USMNT. Group stage isn’t gonna be easy with or without a guy like Donovan. As long as we have guys named Howard, Bradley, and Dempsey on the pitch, we have a chance to win. Thank you, Landon Donovan, for all you have done for the USMNT. Also, thank you for the goal against Algeria, cementing that moment as the craziest I have ever gone watching a sporting event, right up there with Johan’s no-no.


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