Random Jam Sesh Makes For Best Song Ever

This video has been surfacing the internet for the past week or so and it has officially gone viral at this point so I felt the need to input my two cents. So this is just probably the best song I’ve ever heard. Imagine going to the grocery store to pick up a dozen eggs and then next thing you know you’re making one of the greatest pieces of music in the history of the world and then being internet sensations. That’s what I need in my life, a big break like that. I’m ready to go somewhere like your average joe and then BOOM! Fame! Maybe I’ll just stand outside of some store and just talk maybe someone will like what I have to say and start writing checks.

The guy playing the guitar is straight killin it. Then you have the guy with the XXXL jorts to add some harmony. Already awesome but it wouldn’t be complete without the guy in the bandana and traffic vest spitting absolute BARS. Unbelievable. People who play the guitar well will always impress me. People who play like this guy and hit the guitar while they play to add that beat are straight animals. That is literally the coolest thing ever. And you know what? This confirms my faith in humanity that the world is not such a bad place. Three random people who don’t know each other coming together to make a five alarm fire flames song. That’s what it’s all about. Not to mention this song should be on the radio at all times of the day. Enough with Dark Horse, Katy Perry is played out. This trio is the future.

How about these ladies just walking in and out of the scene weaving through the talent like it’s no big deal? Go around maybe?


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