What’s the first thing you do after you graduate college? Head to the bar obviously. What’s the second thing you do? Accept a job offer. A big move had to be made and that’s what happened. Not some 24 hours ago I was sitting through a graduation ceremony, and I decided to waste no time. On June 4th, my world will be dramatically different. No more sleeping in, no more days spent on the couch. It’s all corporate now. As much as I don’t wanna give up the college lifestyle, it’s out of my hands. So I figure the healing process will be a lot smoother with a solid income. An annual salary ya know? I’m gonna learn how valuable my time off will be. Weekends will no longer be taken for granted. Time to set some new goals for myself. Like getting a raise, moving out, owning my own company, delegating all work-related tasks to my little minions who will one day work for me, etc. I can’t wait to get one of those little basketball hoops that you clip to your work station garbage. Farther down the road I will have my own office; there will be a couch in my office, and I will have one of those cool name plate things on my desk. It’s gonna be sick. It’s time to cash those checks baby!


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