Official Review: Tom And Chee

As seen on Shark Tank, Man vs. Food, and a bunch of other shows, it was only a matter of time before Tom and Chee in Freehold got a real review from a real critic, who just so happens to be a self-proclaimed grilled cheese connoisseur. It’s been a long time coming. Arriving hungry and determined, the menu was the only thing standing in my way. So many options, and I knew the only thing that could beat me was myself making an irrational menu selection. Here’s what I ended up with.

Classic Tom + Chee: American cheese, cheddar cheese, garlic seasoning, tomato on white bread. I’m not a tomato lover, but the sandwich was delicious. The garlic seasoning was a necessary addition that really brought the sandwich together. I would absolutely order this again. Score: 7.

Beef + Cheddar Sandwich: Roasted beef, fried onions, cheddar cheese on rye bread. The beef was delicious. I didn’t taste much (or any) of the fried onions, so that was a disappointment. I also didn’t think there was enough cheese. Whereas the beef should have acted as a complement to the grilled cheese sandwich, it felt like a beef sandwich with a cheese complement. Still a very tasty sammie. Score: 6.8.

Grilled Mac + Cheese w/ Bacon: Highlight of the meal. Before even going there, this was the most talked-about menu item. As a man who takes grilled cheese, mac and cheese, bacon, and sandwiches very seriously, I had a civic duty and obligation to test it out. By far the best sandwich of the day, with the crispy bacon bits really setting this sandwich apart from the rest. Consider this a must order, but do not dismiss the bacon. Score: 9.

I also got the Creamy Tomato Soup side to dip the sandwiches in. Despite the soup burning the roof of my mouth, thus ruining my entire day, it was delicious. Not to mention they give you Oyster Crackers with it, which are only the best crackers ever created. Overall, the greasy goodness lived up to expectations. I can say that I can’t give a final evaluation until I try 2 more sandwiches: the Bacon + Blue (bacon, blue cheese, mozzarella cheese on sourdough) and the Grilled Cheese Donut. The fact that I was on a very empty stomach upon arrival needs to not affect the score, same with the whole “first-time” experience. The ONLY real complaint I have is that one sandwich is not enough. I would have left unsatisfied and unhappy had I only ordered one sandwich. With that said, Tom and Chee puts up a solid 8.5 for me. Check out some of the CHEESY fun I had with Matt F and DJ Akhil!

2014-05-08 13.53.25

2014-05-08 13.54.44

2014-05-08 13.55.08


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