Game Of Thrones Theme Song From Pots And Pans

So this is just the coolest video on the internet right now. Hasn’t gone viral yet, but I am pioneering to change that because it deserves that. Apparently this guy Dan Newbie is some hotshot Youtube star who does this kinda thing all the time. It’s interesting to think about how he got into this. Parents must be proud. “Hey, Mom, I’m gonna be a professional kitchen appliance musician! But don’t worry, I’m gonna get a ton of Youtube hits!” Was it some kind of accident? Or does he just sit at home all day playing with everything in the kitchen? This guy rubs me the wrong way. I feel like so many people get famous from the dumbest things. I’m just gonna dedicate my time post-graduation to playing with something in the house until it makes a cool sound and then just run with it. Just seems like the easiest play right now. The job search has been a fail thus far, might as well try to make it big doing something weird. My failures aside, this guy has a talent. A weird talent, sure, but I was impressed and downright mesmerized watching this. And then when you throw in the Game of Thrones aspect, it instantly goes from a 10 to an 11. Best show on television with arguably the most captivating theme song of all time. I still don’t like this guy though, there’s something not right about him.


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