Rutgers Memory: AEPi Burger Toss

The infamous AEPi Burger Toss stands as one of my greatest accomplishments to date. It was AEPi Alumni day for the Rho Upsilon chapter at Rutgers. The alumni softball game had come to an end, and hungry brothers and alumni flocked to the front yard for refuel in the form of hamburgers. A pledge brother of mine manned the grill, and an idea came to mind. Rumors circled the yard that we were going to attempt to throw a burger from ground level to the 3rd floor window. The throw would come from a spatula, and the catch would have to be made with the two sides of the hamburger bun. The alleged rumors were put to rest as I peaked my head out the window. Let it be known that I was standing on steps, so not on a flat, balanced surface by any means. The spatula took hold of the hamburger. The front yard never seemed so distant from the window. The throw was not perfect. The patty flipped and flopped. People cheered and yelled in anticipation, but all I heard was silence. The beef started to drop. I extended my hands out the window. CATCH. Literally a fingertip catch with two pieces of hamburger bun. I brought the burger inside to regroup and collect my immediate thoughts, followed by a much wanted and well-deserved curtain call. Despite the throw being the majority of the work, I extended my hands because at that moment I was the man.


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