Hot Tub Cinema Coming To NYC


Gothamist: The people at Hot Tub Cinema are bringing their kiddie pools and some warm water over from the UK next month. On May 8th, they’re partnering up with Crowdtilt for “a unique experience (first in US) you won’t want to miss out on!” For $55 you can purchase a spot in a “hot tub,” and with that you’ll also get an open bar, popcorn, a movie, and according to the press release an “epic/priceless story to share with your friends.” The ones you did not invite to the hot tub party.

Assuming that the people in charge are monitoring the cleanliness and water temperature in the water, I’m all in for this. Not trying to have my body fall asleep and go numb and wake up like Owen Wilson in Hall Pass. Pretty awesome concept though if you ask me. Everyone loves movies, everyone loves being outside at night during the summer, and everyone loves hot tubs. The combination of these plus the addition of alcohol makes for an automatic great night. Basically you can rent out a hot tub for you and your date or your friends, bring whatever kind of booze you want, and each hot tub gets a personal waiter for all needs within reason. Sounds like a perfect date if you ask me. Movie, snacks, hot tub, alcohol. Oh and you also get a sweet NYC rooftop view, if you’re into that kind of thing. The only thing I don’t like is how close the other hot tubs are to yours. Where at a drive-in movie theater you’re close but secluded inside your car, you’re out in the open here. People are gonna be drinking and talking within arms reach of you, no privacy, cockblock city.


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