Running With The Bulls Coming To Philly

Fansided: If you have ever dreamed of running with the bulls but have been unable to get to Pamplona, Spain, you can now live out your dream right here in the United States. Thanks to Rugged Events LLC and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who owns 25 percent of the business after investing $1.75 million on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” we will now see a wider range of bull running events across the U.S. “The Great Bull Run” is modeled after the events in Spain, and will be heading to Philadelphia on June 7 at Maple Grove Raceway. There will be multiple runnings with the bulls, a Tomato Royale food fight and even music, festival games, food and beverages.

Quick fun fact for all bull fanatics, the red doesn’t make them go crazy, it’s the movement that makes them lose it.

My prayers have been answered. It’s time. I have wanted to run with the bulls for as long as I can remember. It’s on my bucket list (yes I have an actual list), right in between ‘Go skydiving’ and ‘Get a big check’ (big like the ones Happy Gilmore gets). It seemed like a stretch considering I’d have to go all the way to Pamplona, Spain to do so. NOT ANYMORE. Just gotta hit the turnpike south and I’ll be there in 50 minutes. It’s not as legit as the real deal in Spain, in the sense that the bulls won’t have super sharp horns, you can climb/hop the fence pretty much anywhere on the course, and there will be crevices in the walls for people to avoid the stampede in. But let’s not forget that bulls are bulls. These things weigh like 2000 lbs. The intensity is still there, as is the adrenaline.

I am assembling a crew starting immediately. But this is the real deal. If you’re on the fence, step aside. I need the best of the best to roll with me. I want people who have killer instinct and killer speed. Once we get there, it’s every man for himself though. June 7th is go time. Either join the madness with me, or kindly watch from the sidelines. These bulls better prepare because I’m about to run circles around these monsters. And if I don’t see at least one person get horned/trampled I am demanding a refund plus interest for my troubles.


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