Rutgers Memory: First Night At College

This is a story very few people know. First night of college I went to some house party with a bunch of kids from my dorm. Ready to live my college life to the fullest, I made my way down to a hot, overcrowded basement with low ceilings. There stood a keg (so college). After waiting ten minutes (classic) for a cup of Keystone (classic), I needed some excitement. Bumping into my Orientation Leader was ironic and hilarious. We caught eyes, I raised my beer to her and winked, she just rolled her eyes. Finally I made my way onto the flip cup table, with kids that I didn’t know but was eager to meet (and just drink with them). Long story short, I took over. I might have been the only freshman on the table, so that could be a reason why I was so popular amongst the group, but a few minutes later, the entire party was chanting “HAMMER! HAMMER! HAMMER! HAMMER!” My first night of college at some random house party and the entire party was chanting my name. Hard to top that. Thank you, Rutgers.


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