If This Doesn’t Pump You Up You Are A Certified Communist

This gets me jacked up, man, let me tell you. I bleed red white and blue, it’s no secret. I love this country, and I love soccer. Put the two together and I get a full on chubby. I’m not saying we’re gonna make much noise in Brazil or advance out of group play, but I can tell you that the world will shut down for me on June 16. I want revenge on Ghana more than I’ve ever wanted anything. I need revenge on Ghana. Soccer has become more and more popular in the United States, especially in regards to the national team. I don’t care if you’re a die hard fan or if you’ve never watched a game of soccer in your life. When the national team suits up, for some reason, people put their allegiances aside and their feelings to bed and cheer for the Stars and Stripes, as they should. Doesn’t matter to me if you’re a bandwagon fan or if you pick up the passion simply for the world cup, I will welcome you with open arms. As long as you’re committed to the banner, you’re okay in my book.

I will be assembling a crew to venture to some location or bar to watch the games. Preferably a soccer bar, like a Legends, somewhere where everyone has the same mentality which is drink beer and root for USA. We will dress up, we will chant. Inquire within to join the USMNT fanbase, aka the American Outlaws.


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