Harry Potter Analysis Brought To You By Adam Hammer

Here I am Saturday morning watching soccer anxious to talk with my brother about the games on tv, and there he is randomly watching Harry Potter. I’m publicly a pretty big HP fan, and it’s possible that Adam and I have just never ever spoken about Harry Potter, but his analysis was hilarious.

Shots fired at Draco. Not defending him by any means, and “dickhead” is a pretty fair assessment of Malfoy’s character. Analysis Score: 10.

“Raging bitch” seems a little harsh, but she is pretty mean especially to Ron. She seems very hormonal. Calling her a nerd put me over the edge. Analysis Score: 9.5.

Emphatic approval from the big brother. Definitely a little overboard with THREE exclamation points, but ya gotta respect the passion he has. Analysis Score: 8.

This was the first time I prompted him with a question in hopes for a great answer. And he did not disappoint. Spot on character reading. He really has no reason to feel like this, but if he wants to play devil’s advocate fine by me. There’s lots of things I don’t buy into, Professor Snape is just a random choice. Analysis Score: 9.

Gold. Analysis Score: 9.3.

Well said. Couldn’t agree more. And out of nowhere he comes at me with an “ALOHA MORA” spell! Unbelievable! Analysis Score: 10.

I expressed to him my frustration with Professor Quirrell but he quickly responded with logic and reason as to why he is the way he is. He’s not wrong. Analysis Score: 8.5.

For the most part, all of his messages were 100%, without me having to prompt any questions in attempts for a great answer. I need to find more random movies to watch with him and just pick his brain on different characters and plot lines. So much potential for great material.


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