My Little Brother Refuses To Let Me Sign His Cast

Not only did my brother not tell me that he broke his wrist, but now he’s not letting me sign his cast. Pretty sure if I broke a bone my family would find out within the hour, barring any extreme circumstances. I wasn’t notified that he got hurt. I wasn’t notified that he was going to the hospital/doctor to get it checked out. I wasn’t notified he fractured his wrist. Does that make me a bad older brother for wanting to know whether or not my little bro is hurt? If he didn’t put a picture online of his cast I probably still wouldn’t know. SORRY for caring.

And when I saw him this weekend and asked to sign his cast the kid says “no”. What kinda bullshit is that? I thought he was kidding. He was insistent on his “no” response. I asked my dad, the man who is 50% responsible for the two of us being in the world, to intervene and he doesn’t jump on my side. He basically pleaded the 5th and turned his back quickly. He turned his back on his own son! But this is not about him. Why won’t Ryan let me sign his cast? That is such an asshole move. I’m not gonna draw a dick on your cast, Ryan. Have you no decency, man? No honor? We’re fucking blood. How are you gonna leave me out to dry like that? Does brotherhood mean nothing to you? Mom and Dad should make you sleep outside like the animal that you are. If I had the ability to do so, at this current moment, I would un-brother you. That’s right, I would disown you as my brother and we would no longer be relatives. I mean what are we even now, besides eternal rivals? You won’t let me sign your cast.  Brothers?? We might as well be strangers.


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