Commercial Of The Week: Little Caesar’s Lunch Combo

Could be one of the funniest commercials in recent history. Deep Dish Combo Mambo for lunch? Absofuckinglutely. Catchy tune, insightful lyrics, exciting screenplay, smooth dance moves, powerful acting, and a wardrobe to match. Let’s be real, any commercial with bongos and a mariachi band has my full attention. And I’ve never wanted pizza more than I do now. The guys at Little Caesar’s are brilliant. Can you name someone who’s actually had their pizza before? I cannot. And they come out firing with this gem, gonna bring in millions. I am so so so down. Deep dish pizza never gets the credit it deserves, literally as underrated as it gets. And get them piling on the pepperoni like it’s no big thing. I don’t even love pepperoni on my pizza and I wouldn’t even think about ordering any other deep deep dish combo mambo.

It’s lunchtime you’re hungry
We know how you feel,
Your mouth wants Little Caesar’s
And your wallet wants a deal!

Four slices of deep deep dish
And soda-a for you,
Hot and ready for five bucks
And this is what you do!

Bite Bite! Sip Sip!
That’s what makes a combo!
Bite Bite! Sip Sip!
Do the deep deep dish combo mambo!

For lunch!

Anddddd I’ll have that memorized by Wednesday.


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