Spring Break Can’t Come Soon Enough

My life is straight up boring right now. I do the same thing every single week and nothing changes. I have a full day of classes on Monday, and I hate all 3 classes. I don’t even pay attention I just go because I know I should be there. Monday night I will do a little schoolwork, which means watch TV and shoot the shit with my friends. Tuesday I will actually maybe do a little work in the morning, then go to work all evening, come home, finish said homework and go to sleep. Wednesday I wake up early for 10 hours of class, again all classes that I absolutely hate. Thursday I wake up at the ass crack of dawn and go to work for a few hours, which nobody enjoys doing. Can’t go out Thursday nights because I have to do the whole work thing again on Friday. So instead I stay in and try to catch up on schoolwork, which really means watch a movie in my house that I’ve seen 40 times already but insist on watching again. It’s getting so repetitive. Nothing is changing, nothing is exciting. My classes are hard as hell and the majority of them are not the least bit interesting. I hate waking up early go to to work and make cold calls all day. I hate hating to wake up in the morning. I’ve been eating healthy (yogurt, fruit, grilled chicken, vegetables, and that’s about it). Why? Who knows. I’ll lose 5 lbs and gain 10 once I hit Spring Break. I eat all this boring food, depressed about eating healthy and depressed about this boring funk that I am stuck in. If this is what being an adult feels like, you can count me the FUCK out.

My first and last Spring Break starts next weekend, and I truly need it now more than ever. I am so deserving of this. It’s gonna feel so good to get on the bus to drive down to Panama City Beach for a week of drinking and debauchery. As much as I don’t ever want to leave college, this school thing has taken its toll on me. All I want is to pass my classes this semester and graduate on time. And I just want to eat Hansel and Applebees and fried foods and carbs and to sleep late and to have nobody bother me while I get super rich doing absolutely nothing because I think I’m deserving of that for some reason.

What a rant.


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