Official Review: Monsters University and Frozen

Monsters University was straight up awesome. I’ll go as far as saying it gives Monsters Inc a run for its money. Everything about it was hilarious. The paddling and initiation stuff was great. The fact that Randall used to be nerdy as hell is awesome. The ‘good guy gone bad’ thing is a classic. Typically sequels are never better than the original, and that may be the case here, but it made a damn good effort. Prequel actually. Pixar brought their A game for Monsters U. The whole fraternity sorority aspect is hilarious. The names are incredible: Oozma Kappa, Roar Omega Roar (ROR), Omega Howl (OH), Gamma Roar Roar (GRR), Slugma Slugma Kappa (EEK), etc. I bet you didn’t know that Monsters University has their own website and Greek Life page. The library contest was awesome. The Scare Games were awesome. This movie was made for people around my age. The original came out when I was a kid, and now I became the target audience again with the college-themed prequel. Genius move from Pixar, well fucking played. Bold statement, but Mike Wazowski is sneaky one of the most likable movie characters EVER. “Good luck ladies!” “Thanks! We’re gonna rip you to pieces!” Funny stuff, man.

Frozen has been one of the most talked about movies in the recent future. I could understand that. I wasn’t a huge fan of the musical aspect of the movie, but the movie in general was very good. Good enough where if I was scrolling through channels, I would think about putting it on (You know, when you go through everything and generate a mental queue of like 4 or 5 shows/movies and then pick one to watch). It would be in my queue, I can’t say that I would watch it every time because it’s just not true. Olaf had me dying, everything that little dude had to say was money. His obsession with the reindeer was great stuff. The CGI effects were ridiculous too. It’s crazy how animated movies look so realistic nowadays. Fuckin technology man. Kind of a chick flick, sure, but I’m glad I watched it. I would watch it again, wouldn’t make plans to watch it again. I don’t think it was as good as Monsters University, but they’re different kinds of movies. Both are recommended, but Monsters U is a must see.

Not a great blog, I will admit. But people generally want and respect my opinions/reviews so I will continue to provide for the people.


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