Win A Dinner Date With Yours Truly

This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Don’t miss your chance. My wonderful mother sent me a gift card to George Street Ale House in New Brunswick, enough for dinner for two. I have entertained several ideas of who I should bring or how I can pick someone, but I’ve decided to put it in the hands of the public. It will be an open contest to the public, the winner will enjoy dinner with me. Good company, delicious food, and great conversation (both intellectually stimulating and comedic). You could be a hot girl or you can be one of my homies who has no money to pay for dinner and wants to inhale burgers and beers. A few things you should know about me. I love appetizers, but I hate filling up on bread/apps before dinner. I will order some kind of meat dish (most likely beef but possibly chicken). I will look good. And yes, I would love to try some.

1. You must EMAIL your submission to me at No email, no entry, no exceptions.
2. Email submission must include answers to the following:

– Recent photo (if I do not know you)
– Why should I choose you to share my dinner experience with? What separates you from the other candidates?
– What are some of your interests? (I don’t want to run out of interesting things to say/ask during our meal)
– Do you think flowers on our first date is too cheesy? (I can’t afford flowers by the way)
– If you had to assemble an entourage of THREE cartoon characters to go to the bar with, who would you choose and why? (I like creativity but also logical reasoning; team camaraderie and cohesiveness are essential)
– If a fan/admirer approaches me asking for a picture/autograph/hug during our meal, would you be offended if I briefly directed my attention to them (I will)? Furthermore, would you mind taking the picture(s)?

Failure to follow all directions will lead to automatic disqualification. Don’t hesitate to offer up any other information you think I might need or want in order to make my decision. All entries must be submitted by SUNDAY MARCH 2ND at 8:00PM. And regarding a nightcap after our meal, yes, I would love to “come inside for a cup of coffee”.

Gimme some good answers. Don’t make me go by myself and indulge in fried food and beer until I slip into a coma because so help me god I will do it.


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