Hilarious Activity On Rutgers Beats On The Banks Event Page

Rutgers has taken a lot of heat this past week since the news leaked that DJ Snake will headling the Beats on the Banks show this April. Compared to locking in Alesso last year, I can understand the disappointment. Bottom line is, he’s not nearly as big a name as most would have hoped for, for THE State University of New Jersey. I for one am stoked for Snake. I for one am stoked for the ratchetness that will ensue at the RAC on April 11. Either join in the madness or kindly step aside. I don’t need those bad vibes anywhere near me. But there are a lot of bad vibes around campus. At first it seemed like someone hacked the RUPA Rutgers Facebook account, but it appears now that someone just made a fake RUPA Rutgers account. This all unfolded in a matter of like 15 minutes, and I was quick enough to catch it all before they were taken down.




I think the ‘someone hacked the RUPA Rutgers page’ theory is a lot more fun and interesting than the alleged ‘someone made a fake account with the same name’ story. Assuming someone did hack the account, well played. The last thing I expected when I scrolled down the page was to see Davey Boy getting told to go fuck himself. Telling John to stay home with a subtle #gofuckyourself to follow is an aggressive move, but damn do I respect it. And how about taking Rocco’s request and shoving it right in his face? Hysterical. I think we could use an organization that plays down to the level of immature and animated college students. It may not be professional, per se, but there certainly wouldn’t be any vagueness or grey areas. The problem is that people can’t handle the truth because they’re so content with the protection that politics and society provide for them. Call a spade a spade. Tough love and honesty.


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