Someone Get Me On Shark Tank, I Have A Million Dollar Idea

Every single day I hear people complaining about being tired, waking up early, not being able to get out of bed, not wanting to get out of bed, etc. As someone who has no problem waking up early to start my day, even I can admit a few extra minutes in bed feels like all the difference. Often the first thing I do in the morning to help wake myself up is take a shower, not unlike most 350 million Americans. But one thing I do struggle with, after I get out of bed, is waiting for the shower to get warm. In most residential homes, it doesn’t take much more than a 30 seconds to heat up. But it the quaint city of New Brunswick, it’s not uncommon for things to just not work correctly. It takes a few minutes for my shower to get warm, which leads me to my ultimate pitch.

Imagine if you could turn on your shower from your phone. Imagine if you could turn on your shower from your phone and also control the water temperature from your phone. I guess it would require something like a bluetooth connection and some kind of scientific computer chip mumbo jumbo to make it happen, but I don’t think it’s so outrageous. If they have cars that drive themselves, I’m pretty sure someone can come up with a practical way for me to be able to roll out of bed into an already hot shower. We’re living in an era with everything is turning into touchscreen and glass and essentially all around efficiency. Americans are lazy, and we want things now without delay. I envision the shower knob being similar to how it is now, with a touchscreen feature where I can slide my finger around to adjust the temperature and water level. Only problem is that’s the extent of what I can do for this product right now. I’m gonna need tons of help developing a prototype, and then once that works we’ll figure out a way to get into stores and onto Shark Tank.


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