Spend A Few Minutes With Swaggy Gali


He goes by many aliases, amongst them Gali, Swaggy, Swags, but the most common Swaggy Gali. Gay as it sounds, he has made that name stick somehow amongst the highly-criticizing Manalapan citizens. Right off the bat, I need to exploit his habit of trying to toast Tommy’s Bagels. You just don’t do that, Chris. He often shows moments of questioned stupidity and moments of sheer brilliance. As goofy as they come, and nobody would want it any other way. We share common interests such as late nights at McDonald’s, Sunny Delight, Shark Tank, the New York Knicks, Applebees, and Fireball. He hates JCole and Kevin Hart for no reason worth validating. He once ate a plate of mini hotdogs for his talent in Mr. MHS senior year of high school. He claims to be “the movement” and for some bizarre reason I believe him. He’s an “almost there” hipster, meaning he secretly wants to be there but doesn’t make the cut in my opinion. He literally invented the phrase “ya hate to see it”, amongst other oddly addicting words/phrases. He tried walking home by himself on New Years once only to be discovered and picked up by a friend’s mom at Yorktown. He loves karaoke and has a slight resemblance to Rob Kardashian before he looked like Khloe. We often reminisce on high school memories like Bahrfest and walking home 6 miles at 3am the night we graduated. And we daydream about being big time financial powerhouses one day. You could say he’s my best friend, but in all the years I’ve known him, I have never seen his room. This is by far the strangest part of our relationship, but it’s never brought up. I don’t know if he even knows I’ve never seen his room. He doesn’t offer, and I don’t ask, and that’s just how it is.

Name: “Swaggy Gali”
Hometown: Land of the free and home of the Braves……….Manalapan
Twitter Handle: @Yahatetoseeit

Likes: Knicks, Toads Place, London, Oreos, Cheese Steaks, Tommy’s Bagels
Dislikes: tinted eyeglasses, when people over the age of 16 are obsessed with Disney, sushi, Lebron James, when people say I look like Rob Kardashian/Joe Jonas/Bruno Mars/(and my favorite) Harry Potter, when someone is wearing a watch on the inside of their wrist

Good traits/features: My hair, being a hipster, great dancer and karaoke singer, being insanely good looking everyday of the week
Bad traits/features: Big time procrastinator and an awfully slow runner

Embarrassing Fact/Story: I have too many to name, most of which I can’t release to the public. But about two years ago I went to a Barstool foam event in Atlantic City. Very excited to go because it was my first ever “EDM-related” experience. While I was at the venue they released foam. Yeah I know sounds awesome, it was. But when I was leaving I was extremely blind because the foam gave me an allergic reaction and I looked like Hitch. The next day I woke up with my eyes shut. Imagine that knowing you are awake but your eyes are swollen shut the entire time. Finally got home went to the doctor and he sent me to the hospital to get the swelling down. So in fact it was one of the greatest night of my life and the worst morning… Embarrassing (Photo evidence below)
Chris Foam

Guilty Pleasure: I cannot and will not start my day without listening to If I Lose Myself by Alesso.

What is the story behind your twitter handle? It’s kind of unorthodox, don’t you think?
It originated back in 2010 when I met my friend Jonesy at school. Kind of adopted it from his crew but now it became much much bigger than I expected. @YaHateToSeeIt is now the catchphrase that all my friends and fans recognize me by. Notice I said fans. I also had @SwaggyGali for a short time period, not sure where that came from but its kind of funny how people still call me “Swaggy”. A new twitter name will be coming during the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned

Ranch or Blue Cheese with Buffalo Wings?
Ranch over blue cheese any day of the week… Sorry hammer when you live in Connecticut you put ranch on everything, including pizza

Do you clap at the end of a movie or when your flight lands?
No way at the end of a flight. Yes way with the movie only if it’s a absolute classic (example: wolf of wall street)

Making the bed: Must-do or waste of time?
Big waste of time. Although when I make my bed I feel a lot more comfortable about my day

What do you put on your hot dog? Nothing, very plain

Where do you stand on the pork roll/taylor ham controversy?
Not familiar with this.

What’s your go-to TV show when nothing different is on?
Just got into Eastbound and Down arguably the best TV show ever made. I also watch a ton of Shark Tank and Bar rescue. Also a strong believer in The Real World

We all have seen a few chick flicks. Which is your favorite and why?
Fever Pitch great movie, strange plot, and awesome actors : Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore

If you only had one meal left, which food would you choose? What is your favorite food?
Buffalo Panini from Sandellas on campus would be my last meal and my favorite food would be a cheese steak (I eat approximately 5 a week)

TheEricHammer’s Note: What does “not familiar with this” mean? Has he never heard of pork roll and/or taylor ham? Whatever, Chris.

Chris 2

And here’s a little taste of what his sense of humor is like.



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