Another Day, Another Milestone

It’s just one of life’s events that everyone experiences. You graduate college, you get a job, you get married. And somewhere in there, there are always some left behind, there are always casualties. It all happened so fast. I saw it glance across my eyesight from left to right. I don’t know what the hurry was, but the squirrel seemed to have an immediate need to cross the street. And it showed no signs of hesitation. It’s determination is something to be admired to be honest. And the sight I saw when I looked in my rear view mirror will never be forgotten. But it never stood a chance. I killed my first squirrel today. There lie a dead squirrel in the road. Did I go out of my way to aim for it? Negative. But I also didn’t make any attempt to avoid it. Just like the squirrel, I had somewhere to go. Fortunately, I got it before it could get me. And I’d be lying if I didn’t get pumped up. What an adrenaline rush. Does that make me a bad person? Nobody even likes squirrels. See ya. Right away I had to call my dad and tell him. He was so proud of me. I grew up watching him swerve down neighborhood roads to try to kill squirrels. Today I became a man in my father’s eyes.


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