If You’re Not A Fan Of A Cold/Outdoor Super Bowl Then You Have a Big Dump In Your Pants

The thought of playing a Super Bowl outside is awesome, there’s no question about it. The potential for snow in the biggest game of the year is as attractive of a game as possible. But there has been lots of speculation and negative feedback about Super Bowl XLVIII being at Metlife Stadium. There’s a legitimate chance the game might even be moved to Saturday night due to the fear of weather. And it’s not about the players, it’s not about the game. It’s about the fans and the press and the media and all of the other people involved, but more importantly how they will get to and from the game and how they can stay somewhat comfortable, given the chance that there’s inclement weather. Is it possible that the NFL is essentially holding other teams at ransom, forcing them to build new stadiums if they want to host the Super Bowl? Hell yeah that’s possible. But bottom line is, how can you not be excited for this? The amount of skepticism is over the top and truly shocking.

Football is meant to be played in the cold. Football in the snow is a blast, doesn’t matter if it’s the Super Bowl or a fucking video game. “Oh I don’t wanna be cold for 6 hours!” Then don’t go. “But the best teams in the league should be playing on an equal playing field with controlled/warm weather so nobody is at a disadvantage!” Boo hoo. I heard some guy on the radio the other day say that you couldn’t pay him to go to the game and that the stadium will be half empty midway through the third quarter. Imbeciles like that are why this had to be written. Listen I get it. If there’s 6 inches of snow, it makes things really goddamn difficult and inconvenient. The amount of extra time, money, personnel, resources needed to monitor that and prepare everything is extraordinary. But why are people thinking so negatively? Everyone should be hoping for at least flurries. Pretty sure Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl in a monsoon down in Miami. “Super Bowls outside in the cold are stupid! It should be warm!” Go watch the pro bowl then, fella. The Super Bowl is gonna be awesome. The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are the best teams in football, they are well deserving of this opportunity. We are in for a treat next weekend. Get that dump out of your pants and get excited. You people kill me, start being happy for a change. New York is the greatest city in the world, it’s the pinnacle of excitement and a major kingpin of athletics, competition, and stardom.

“The game is about the elements. One of the things that’s different about this game from most other sports is that part of what you’re competing with is the elements. It could be fog, rain, cold, snow. It’s a test, player against player, team against team.”

Current Prediction: Denver 27, Seattle 23


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