Don’t You Dare Buy This: WaxVac

I cannot get over that guy’s scream at :06 and 1:15. What the fuck is wrong with that guy? And why is he looking at the Qtip like it’s a UFO or something? And then after his Hollywood scream he looks at the Qtip in disgust like “how could you do that to me?” Bro it’s a qtip, no need to ponder its purpose or look at it. Hate that guy. Hate the product even more. I don’t need to stick this glue gun thing in my ear, a cotton schwab does just fine thanks. I’m pretty sure this is the exact same thing the nurse in school used to put in my ear to take my temperature. So it’s a vacuum for your ear? Is that the gimmick? It sucks up all the wax and garbage in my ear instead of using a Qtip to basically puncture my ear drum? And who does this “Doctor” Ackerman think he is? Dude if you wanna stick that thing in your kids’ ears because it’s “Quiet, Safe, and Effective” be my guest. But don’t be surprised when they fucking hate you their entire lives. Let em live, old man. Qtips are like $3 and you get like a thousand of them. And I’ll tell you what, my ears feel great. In fact, I’ve been using qtips more and more and I don’t think my hearing has ever been better. And I don’t have to spend $10 to pick a color cap and then clean them out after. Naaaa just throw em away, bang, 2 seconds. And what do I need 2 WaxVacs for? Double fist type of thing- two ears at once?

Qtips or bust.

A couple bonus points:
1. What the FUCK was that thing with the lit candle?
2. When you get water in your ear, jumping up and down with your head to the side smacking the top of your head works 100% of the time. I don’t need a WaxVac to help me out with that.
3. I always say the qtip may be the most under appreciated household item there is. Taken for granted far too often, and they don’t get nearly enough credit. If I could go back in time and invent one thing, Qtip, hands down. EVERYONE uses them, except Dr. Ackerman and his loser patients.


One thought on “Don’t You Dare Buy This: WaxVac

  1. Once again, I happen to be bored enough to read your bias and loathsome blogs. First, let me ask you once again, “Who in the Lords name do you think you are!?” If this was 50 years ago, you would easily be in prison for conspiracies to being a Russian Spy. You clearly have no American values and are against everything that represents the BEAUTIFUL red, white, and blue. Lets get to the point. I happen to have for myself and my family, 6 “WaxVacs. For myself, i have a WaxVac at home, in my car and at work. For my family, I have a WaxVac for my wife Estelle, and our boys Norman, and Charles. This is state of the art technology, maybe if you actually tired it out you would see. With a standard Q-Tip you will definitely rupture an eardrum. With the WaxVac, you will keep a safe distance from the sacred ear drum. Now, for you to bash actors who are trying their best and giving it there all is shameful on your part. Who are you to judge? Are you an actor? F*** NO! Your not so why don’t you start acting before you judge. HYPOCRITE!. In fact, this WaxVac actually has many advantages. Its quiet, and is a vacuum for your ear. Lastly, Erick, I think I have finally figured you out. Your a phony, this blog, fake, you, catfish. No American would blog morals and ethics in the way you actually believe they are. Don’t plead the fifth here, just admit who you really are because Erich Hammer is definitely not your real name!


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