Richard Edsel Has Returned Once Again


Part 4.

Get up to date with the history behind this rivalry/friendship. First I was angry. Second I was annoyed. Third it was funny.

There’s already a developed theory that Richard Edsel is in fact a friend (or group of friends) of mine commenting under an alias. I figured my buddies were trying to get into my head. They did, well played. But now that theory seems more and more unlikely. There’s no trend in his comments. Rich comments at 11:44pm, 1:10am, 5:35am. Could it be my friends late at night? Absolutely. Could it be my friends late at night while I’m sitting in the room with them? For sure. Seems very plausible. But now there’s a red flag. Rich has commented under different email addresses. He has switched from an account to Crazy move. Crazy meaning why not gmail? I can understand leaving, but hotmail? Really, Rich? I thought you enjoyed nice things like I did.

Regarding the comment itself, Rich continues to bring the heat, time and time again. I don’t like how he assumes I ordered double meat, I LOVE how he assumes I ordered double meat. He’s not asking questions and he is not playing games. Shots fired, just accusing me of the wrongdoing, and I respect the hell out of that. Being called a liar and a racist doesn’t feel good, I’ll be honest. I will not take that lightly. And I most certainly did not try to pull a fast one. They tried pulling a fast one on me. They tried pulling the sheets over my eyes. They tried bullying me and shaking me upside down to take my lunch money. Not a chance, Chipotle. Not a chance, Rich.

And for your information, every time I walk into Chipotle I expect a standing ovation. Everyone should drop their burrito and direct their attention to the door. Red carpets should be rolled out, a marching band should walk through in celebration. Every time I pick something to go in my burrito bowl, there should be oohs, ahhs, gasps, and applause. Don’t ever patronize me again.

Rich, email me directly We need a face to face if we want this bromance/rivalry to last. Don’t catfish me.


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